Global Awareness Through Engaged Reflections

Let's learn to understand each other through the simple act of talking.

The Center for Global Awareness is pleased to announce GATHER, an inspiring program for adult learners, enhancing global awareness and encouraging dialogue across our deep social and cultural divides.

GATHER'S mission is to provide holistic, globally focused educational books and materials for adult study groups that encourage civil conversations about global issues, seeing different perspectives, transcending deep cultural and social divides, and engaging with others to bring about systemic change.


GATHER is a conversation-based study program connecting small groups of concerned adults. Each group gathers together to enhance global awareness by studying and conversing about pressing global and cultural concerns. Using a unique four dimensional approach called SEEK—see, evolve, engage, and know—participants will be able to see different perspectives, evolve attitudes and skills to interact with those different from us, engage with others to bring about positive systemic change, and become more knowledgeable about pressing global and cultural issues. The purpose of GATHER is to make an effort to bridge social and cultural divides and create a world that is more compassionate, sustainable, and, pragmatic, and that respects the needs and values of all people.