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What We Have to Offer


denise Waves of Global Change:
A Holistic World History…
organizes the overarching development of humans through history into five major transformations called waves. $28.95
by Dr. Denise R. Ames
Global Awareness Waves of Global Change:
An Educator's Handbook for Teaching a Holistic World History…
explains the principles of a holistic world history model for educators to use in the classroom. $14.95
by Dr. Denise R. Ames
Global Awareness International Folktales: For English Language Learners… folktales from different cultures can add spice to classrooms. $10.95
by Nancy W. Harmon
Global Awareness The Global Economy: Connecting the Roots of a Holistic System … gives a general overview and realistic portrayal of the global economy from a holistic perspective. $19.95
by Dr. Denise R. Ames
Global Awareness Financial Literacy: Wall Street and How it Works
This book explains the emergence and development of the financial sector, the part of the global economy that has grown to overshadow other economic sectors, and examines the impact of its growth, concentration of wealth and political influence.  $14.95

Our Educational Approach

Global awareness

We provide globally aware educational resources that enhance the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of educators and students in creating a more sustainable, equitable, and peaceful global community.

Professional Services

We offer a diverse array of leading-edge professional services – professional development, workshops, lectures, seminars, keynotes, and presentations – that we have thoughtfully designed for educators, students, or the general public.

Free Global Lesson Plans

We offer free lesson plans and activities that focus on a specific theme or issue. Click here for a lesson plan on Bhutan’s unique commitment to Gross National Happiness.




Global Skills for the 21st Century

Through their many discussions about education and having taught and traveled in many countries, Denise and Nancy understand that today’s students need new skills in order to actively participate in our global community.

Global Awareness