Education for an Interdependent World

CGA brings a unique holistic approach and global perspective to our books, resources, and services about history, cross-cultural understanding and global topics that inspire learners to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to engage responsibly in the 21st century.
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Tribal Market, Vietnam - photo Roger Harmon

Alternative Viewpoints

CGA respects the opinions, ideas and lives of those NOT among the rich and powerful and emphasizes how we must work together as global citizens to "think outside the box" in tackling today's global issues.
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Berlin Wall, Germany - photo Denise Ames

Big Picture Context

CGA promotes the broadest possible view or perspective of an issue, problem or idea instead of a narrow, specialized approach.
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Woman Herding Ducks, Burma - photo Roger Harmon

Attention to Women

CGA highlights and celebrates the contributions of women throughout history and speaks specifically to the challenges they confront and their achievements.
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Woman Weaving, Iran - photo Denise Ames

Systems Thinking Approach

CGA looks at the world as an interdependent, holistic system in which all the parts interact and influence each other in a constantly changing and dynamic process.
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Bird's Nest Monastery, Bhutan - photo Roger Harmon

Education for the Future

CGA promotes knowledge, skills, attitudes, and engagement that will lead to thoughtful choices in shaping the future of our planet.
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Sustainable, Organic Farming, Mexico - photo Denise Ames

Real World Focus

CGA helps users to understand how global issues impact our nation, our communities, our families and our individual lives.
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Palestinian Refugee Camp, Lebanon - photo Denise Ames

Cross Cultural Understanding

CGA appreciates the lifestyles, values, and accomplishments of different cultures so that we can connect with others through our similarities and learn from our differences.
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Gyeongbokgung, South Korea - photo Denise Ames

Free Teacher Created Resources

CGA authors, Denise Ames and Nancy Harmon, have been educators in the classroom for decades and understand what busy teachers are often missing in resources published by major corporations.
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Mausoleum of Amir Temur, Uzbekistan - photo Roger Harmon

Environmental Awareness

CGA encourages respect for the earth and its sustainability and places these issues in the forefront of its resources and approach.
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Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico, USA - photo Denise Ames



CGA's ground-breaking books feature a lively and original interpretation of global topics that integrate a unique holistic approach and global perspective.



Waves of Global Change: A Holistic World History... From the big bang to the present, this "big picture" approach organizes the overarching development of humans into five major transformations called waves. Dr. Denise R. Ames $34.95


Waves of Global Change: An Educator's Handbook for Teaching a Holistic World History... explains the principles of a holistic world history model for educators to use in the classroom. Dr. Denise R. Ames $17.95


International Folktales: For English Language Learners... folktales from different cultures can add spice to classrooms. Nancy W. Harmon $12.95


The Global Economy: Connecting the Roots of A Holistic System... gives a realistic portrayal of the relationship of the global economy to society and the environment from a holistic perspective. Dr. Denise R. Ames $24.95


Financial Literacy: Wall Street and How it Works... explains the growth of the financial sector, its concentration of wealth, political influence, and contribution to economic inequality. Dr. Denise R. Ames $18.95



CGA has thoughtfully designed leading-edge professional services - professional development, workshops, lectures, seminars, and keynotes - to engage educators, students, or the general public.

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Denise with Singapore Teachers

Professional Services

Educators Denise Ames and Nancy Harmon have a life-long passion for learning and teaching. This has inspired them to create and offer a diverse array of professional services on the topics of a holistic world history, the global economy, global education, global issues, cultural awareness, worldviews, and global awareness. These services are for educators, students, and the general public.

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CGA's thought-provoking and FREE resources offer an alternative interpretation of timely global topics for students grades 9-university.

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An Eretria Graduate - Photo Roger Harmon

Lesson Plans

CGA offers FREE lesson plans that focus on a specific global theme or issue.


Featured Lesson Plan: Bhutan's Commitment to Gross National Happiness Click here







Global Awareness News

Dr. Denise Ames just returned from an educational study tour to Korea sponsored by the Academy for Korean Studies. Follow her blog series on Korea below.

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Global Awareness Newsletter

Spring Greetings from the Center for Global Awareness!

CGA’s home state, New Mexico, is alive with spring and we are proud to announce several new developments!

We are thrilled to launch our newly designed and updated website! Web developer Virginia Stubella and professional graphic designer Mia Beurskens Beard have created a new website with a lighter feel and a palette of New Mexico’s striking colors.

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